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Destiny Online Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide an easily accessible and updateable resource for using Follett Destiny Library Manager. This online version of the manual has been created by Learning Resources Services for use by Teacher-Librarians at Surrey Schools (SD# 36).

Organization of the Online Manual

This version of the Destiny manual has been adjusted to reflect the arrangement of Destiny screens; the major information pages are Homepage, Catalog, Circulation, Back Office and My Info.

The content in the Documents, What's New , Index and Help Contacts will give Teacher-Librarians information, images, forms and contacts that they can use when using or learning about Destiny.

The Search screen is to allow Teacher-Librarians a simple way to quickly find information on their inquiry/issue via a Google-esque search bar.

Learning Resources Services sees this resource as important tool for our Surrey School Teacher-Librarians and welcome any comments for improvements.

Some quick points about using Destiny Library Manager:

1. How to login to Destiny 4. How to print
2. On page help 5. Bookmark from District screen
3. Breadcrumbs  

How to Login to Destiny

Step-by-Step Procedure – Access Library Manager

Follow these steps to access and exit Library Manager:

  1. Log on to your computer (Using your personal District login or LIBRARY).
  2. Select the SD36 Library System icon on the desktop.  You will be connected to http://library.sd36.bc.ca.

  1. Select Login (upper right corner of the screen).  A Login window appears.

  1. Enter your user name and password (same as ESS or SurreySchools), then click the Login button.
  2. When you wish to log out, select Logout (upper right corner of the screen).

On Page Help

Destiny provides many helpful hints and information via its 'How do I ...' button. Most screens and features of Destiny have this online help available - it will create a pop up box with an overview or description.


You can find the breadcrumbs on the green band under the tabs near the top the page. The breadcrumbs show you where you are and how you got there. They also allow you to go directly back to any of the pages you've already visited. The current page that you are on (at the end of the trail) is shown in bold.

You do not want to use the back and fore arrows of the internet browser as 404 and expired page warnings occur with previous screen data being lost and requiring you to log in again.

The reason it is called breadcrumbs is a literary reference by Follett to Hansel and Gretel finding their way back.

How to Print Selections of the Online Manual

Printing web pages is unique in that there are frames of information and the reality that the information that fits into one screen can take multiple pages to print. These printing issues are present in the Online Manual.

If there is a section or image you wish to print:

Bookmark the Library Button

Destiny allows for bookmarking to the internet browser's favourite list automatically. The button is on the District login screen for Destiny (http://library.sd36.bc.ca) and makes it easy to find the specific school library at a later time.